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Forme Medical

Forme Medical is a privately owned Australian company that was founded in Melbourne in 1985. We have been listening to and working with medical professionals across Australia for nearly 30 years to develop high quality, functional examination couches and treatment tables that meet the exacting standards required by specialist medical practitioners.

We sell our medical couches across Australia to public and private hospitals, medical service networks and to private clinics and practitioners. Our couches are also exported to international destinations in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific.

ISO 9001

We are certified to the ISO 9001 standard of quality management.

 A new name, but we’re still the same

In August 2015, we were very excited to introduce ourselves as Forme Medical.

After 30 years as Australian Medical Couches, we thought it was time for a change. We’re excited about our future, and while it will still include our high quality, Australian made medical couches, we are also working on bringing a wider range of product innovation and technology to the Australian medical industry.

Where does our new name come from? Australian Medical Couches forms part of a group of businesses managed under a central company called Forme Group. Our sister company is Forme Technologies, which specialises in plastic injection moulding design and production.

But more than sharing a consistent name across the Group, we feel Forme Medical speaks to our core business – designing, developing and sourcing the best patient positioning products in the world. We plan to continue to evolve with you and the medical industry.

We look forward to working with you to provide the best possible medical products for your business, including treatment tables, examination chairs and medical couches, but also lots more.

Evolving with you

We value being innovative, adaptable and accommodating in the development of our products and our customer service.

The medical industry is ever changing with the latest advancements in technology, which affects your needs as medical practitioners.

We aim to keep evolving with you, ensuring you have the patient positioning product (treatment table or examination couch) you require. We are continually researching the development of new functionality in our products, and redesigning our Australian made and designed medical couches based on feedback from you. All of our products, whether made locally or sourced from an international suppier, are long lasting, reliable and versatile, with warranties and service to match.

We look forward to enjoying a long term partnership with you.

Our product range

Our current product line has examination couches to suit the following medical fields: