Clinical and Surgical Stools and Chairs

A better experience for you and your patient. Forme Medical offers a wide range of seating options designed to increase comfort for clinicians working long hours. Their lightweight design allows easy movement while a range of customisation options allow you to further tailor certain models to your specific needs, better meeting your requirements.

Available in a selection of designs including standard operator stools and backed chairs, our range of chairs offers something for every clinician in every environment. From surgeons to general practitioners, nurses and pharmacists, our chairs help you work more efficiently without strain on the body.

We’re proud to offer a fully customisable range of Bambach saddle stools for sale, allowing more clinicians to benefit from this revolutionary design. Modelled on a horse saddle, these chairs work to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain by encouraging the maintenance of natural spinal curves. The result is a decrease in postural stress and a reduction in the risk of muscular-skeletal disorders. Offer for sale in a range of configurations with a selection of accessories, the Bambach horse saddle chair is the ideal choice for any clinician looking to preserve their health as they work to assist others. 

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