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Research and development

As the medical industry continues to grow and develop more efficient and easier ways of treating patients, we continue to evolve our patient positioning products (eg. examination couches and treatment tables) to meet its needs.

Innovation and development is at the heart of our business, evident in the evolution of our medical couches over the last 30 years. We are always researching and designing new functionality for our products and new treatment couches or examination tables, based on the feedback we hear from the industry and from our customers.

We’re always happy to talk about research and development of patient positioning products, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us about your specialist needs.

Here are some of our recent developments:

Benefits of electrically powered medical couches

Having a medical couch or treatment table that is easy to operate and manipulate can make a procedure easier and more comfortable for both the medical practitioner and patient. Medical couches and treatment tables come in many different forms, from those with a fixed height and backrest, or manual and gas ram assisted adjustments, to […]

Fold down side rail redevelopment

In response to feedback we received from customers and medical professionals during the Australian Sonographer’s Association conference in May, we have redesigned our side rails to provide better support and comfort to patients. A number of visitors to our stand mentioned that our side rails (an additional customisation available on many of our examination couches […]

New side rails