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Advanced Cardiology Examination Beds

When treating matters of the heart, only equipment that’s made and designed by a trusted manufacturer will do. Forme Medical specialises in cardiology examination chairs. Australia has trusted us with the high quality, technologically progressive cardiology treatment beds and chairs for over 30 years

All of our products are the result of ongoing research and a high responsiveness to customer feedback. Cardiology treatment beds from Forme Medical have the features that any medical professional would expect, so they’re able to carry out procedures safely and efficiently, with minimal discomfort to the patient.

We’re built on a culture of the constant need to improve, so we create the ideal cardiology examination couches Australia medical industry experts rely on for everyday use. Specialised ultrasound tables, the Malachite and Quartz, are designed with a variety of useful features like an echo cardiac drop sections for easier access to patients and a better cardiac view of transducers.

Every cardiology treatment table from Forme Medical facilitates the ease of movement and positioning during all procedures.

Forme Medical supplies a range of treatment beds to hospitals, private clinics and universities around Australia. When your staff will be using this equipment all day, every day, you want to invest in something that will go the distance and continue to function at the highest possible level.

Browse our range of specialist products and find the cardiology treatment table that best fits your requirements.

Why Choose Cardiology Examination Beds, Australia Made?

All of our cardiology examination chairs and other patient positioning equipment is evolved and developed to suit the Australian medical industry. All equipment meets the stringent industry demands and are designed for specialist medical procedures.

Other useful features of cardiology treatment couches from Forme Medical include:

  • Individual hand testing of every item to ensure high quality and longevity
  • Optimal handling features, including lockable castors and Linak or Dewert actuators that give the table the quiet power it needs to position patients easily
  • Designed to reduce the amount of patient handling required during treatments
  • Electronically-powered adjustments of height, footrests and backrests
  • Low minimum height so patients can easily get on and off the cardiology examination couches

Design Your Treatment Table Today

We create patient positioning products for specialist procedures, so no matter which department you’re placed in, you’ll have access to the equipment most suited to your needs. Throughout the range, we consider patient comfort, safety and ease-of-access.

Forme Medical offers customised options for cardiology examination beds ordered from us. Every individual and medical practice has their own preferences about the functionality of a product, so take advantage of additional extras so you’re getting the most value out of your investment.