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Sapphire (AMC 2130)

This Gynaecology Couch is specifically designed to suit the requirements of practitioners in Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Urology, with a range of options that allow you to add the functionality you require.

  • lifetime warranty on frame and workmanship
  • 5 year warranty on electrical components
  • Australian Made
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  • Adjustments of height (hi/lo) and back rest made with high quality electric actuators, reducing OH&S risks.
  • Supplied with foot control switch for hands free operation.
  • Supplied with either padded foot rests or under knee stirrups.
  • 125mm lockable wheels to allow easy movement of the couch.
  • Carefully considered base design allows for easy side access for practitioners and patients.
  • Low minimum height that allows patients to easily get on and off the couch, including wheelchair transfer.
  • Easy access under couch for patient lifting devices.
  • Made with high quality, easy to clean, flame and UV resistant vinyl that reduces the growth of bacteria. Complies with AS 1530.3 standards.


Australian steel

Back rest tilt: 75°

Width: 610mm

Length: 1350mm

Height adjustment: 450mm - 1000mm

Lifting capacity: 200kg

Wheels: 125mm lockable castors

Optional extras

  • Full backward couch tilt (Trendelenburg)
  • Stainless steel collection tray with sliding arms and brackets, removable for cleaning
  • Extra width - 660mm
  • Removable foot section to convert couch to a longer, general purpose examination table
  • Stainless steel seat for Urology
  • Standard arm rest set
  • Padded swivel arm rest set, suitable for Phlebotomy
  • Battery pack
  • Head cushion
  • Back cushion
  • Paper roll holder
  • Heine light
  • White LED light
  • Wide variety of fabric colours available
Things you need to know

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