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Operating Stool – Bambach Saddle Seat

Comfortable, Safe & Healthy Seating

Improve your posture and protect your spine. Forme Medical offers medical professionals the chance to make an investment in their own health with the Bambach Saddle Seat. Suitable for general practitioners, administrators, surgeons, dentists and any member of the industry required to sit for extended periods of time, the Bambach has helped many people minimise joint and soft tissue pain.

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To better meet the needs of your unique body, Forme Medical offers the Saddle Seat in a range of sizes and configurations, as well as a selection of colours and materials. Due to the need to fit your Bambach to your occupation and body, we encourage you to start a conversation with one of our team members to determine which model will best suit you.

How the Bambach supports you

The Bambach Saddle Seat has been designed to make detailed, seated work easier and safer. Designed by a qualified occupational therapist, this seat forces the body to replicate the position it would take sitting on a horse, allowing the spine to assume its natural curves. This not only minimises stress on major joints, but assists in blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as encouraging full function of the lungs and abdominal organs while still enabling the user to function optimally.

Ideal for roles requiring high levels of hand-eye concentration and a lot of reaching such as surgery, medical imaging, machine operation and physical therapy, the Saddle Seat is comfortable and easy to adjust to. A range of specially designed accessories ideal for use in a medical or healthcare environment such as foot-rings, swing arms, specialised castors, and multiple different height options are available, allowing you to further customise your chair to your body, your role and your environment.

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  • lifetime warranty on frame and workmanship

    Lifetime warranty

    on frame and workmanship

  • 5 year warranty on electrical components

    5 year warranty

    on electrical components

  • Australian Owned

    Australian Owned

Get a quote for a saddle seat

Discover why professionals in over 200 hospitals working in more than 20 different departments choose the Bambach Saddle Seat for their work. Discuss your needs with a Forme Medical consultant today on 1300 0 FORME (1300 0 36763) to learn more about the range of options or request a quote and we’ll be happy to provide you with further details on our collection.

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