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Choose your fabric colour

We offer a  wide range of standard fabric colours with our medical couches, examination tables and stools. The premium colour range is available for an additional price on some products.

The high quality fabric we use is flame resistant, UV resistant, and is treated with a Protech coating, which helps to guard against stains and inhibits the growth of bacteria in healthcare environments. It is very easy to clean and has also been formulated to withstand the hardening and breakdown of the PVC surface due to perspiration and oils.

Quality Assurance

Lead and chromium free
Flame resistant properties: Tested to Australian standards (AS 1530.3)
Spread of flame: 0
I.M.O Standards A. 652 (16)
F.A.S. – 25.853

The colours shown here may not be a true representation of the actual product and must be viewed as a guide only.

*Please note that our Economy Range of products are available in only one colour.

**This information does not apply for the PURA range of products. Please see the brochures for specific details.

Download colour sheet

Colour selection


  1. Black
  2. Pewter
  3. Windsor
  4. Galaxy
  5. Forest
  6. Paprika


  1. Chalk
  2. Sand
  3. Clay
  4. Brazil
  5. Primrose
  6. Flame
  7. Emerald
  8. Caribbean
  9. Periwinkle
  10. Plum
  11. Iceburg