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High Quality Gynaecology Examination Beds, Australia 

Forme Medical is the trusted supplier of gynaecology examination couches, Australia wide. Since 1985, we have been committed to the research and development of the safest, most comfortable patient positioning equipment for the medical industry.

When it comes to gynaecology treatment beds, there’s no room for compromise. It’s imperative that your patients feel comfortable and confident when in the seat, so keep the procedure as simple as possible when you start with a Forme Medical gynaecology treatment table.

At the core of our business is ongoing research and the focus of evolving as the Australian medical industry does. These principles allow us to maintain the highest possible standard and to reach the strict guidelines set by the industry.

We listen and respond to customer feedback, because we strive to provide the features that you’d expect from a highly functional gynaecology treatment table.

Specialist products include the Sapphire gynaecology examination couches that are specifically designed for practitioners in the gynaecology, obstetrics and urology field. The chair comes with padded foot rests and a low minimum height for patient’s comfort and ease-of-access. For specialists in transvaginal scanning and IVF procedures, the Amethyst couch has been developed to suit your requirements.

Useful Features

Every product available for sale from Forme Medical has been individually hand-tested, so we can pass on the quality and longevity to our customers. Other features of gynaecology examination chairs Australia clinics can benefit from include:

  • Adjustments of height, backrest and drop-down sections, that are made with high quality electric actuators to reduce health and safety risks
  • Easy access for patients to get on and for practitioners to access the patients
  • High quality material that is UV and fire-resistant, and complies with AS 1530.3 standards
  • All products are adapted as the medical field evolves, so professionals have the functionality they need
  • Products are made in Australia, based on customer feedback and Australian medical industry guidelines

Customisable Gynaecology Treatment Couches

Every individual and medical practitioner has different preferences about the type of device that would work best for them. That’s why many of our gynaecology examination chairs come with optional extras that you can add to get the most out of your investment.

Choose from useful extras like a full backward couch tilt, head cushion and removable foot section so you’re getting optimal value and functionality when you choose Forme Medical.