Forme Medical supplies medical equipment and healthcare beds designed with longevity and reliability in mind. Made here in Australia, we have bed solutions designed to help medical practices and practitioners of all kinds accommodate patients of all sizes and varying levels of mobility.

Electric Hi-Low Beds

At Forme Medical, we endeavour to supply medical practices of all kinds with the bed solutions that best fit their patients’ needs. Whether you are looking to equip your practice with the equipment designed to support your treatment of bariatric conditions, or you are an aged care facility looking to equip your residents with the specialised bed solutions designed to meet their needs, Forme Medical has a solution for you.   
Fitted with knee breaks and electric backrests, our high low and floor level hospital beds deliver the access your staff requires and a comfort your patients will appreciate. We host a highly specialised range of cardiology treatment beds that are designed to minimise discomfort to your patients while providing your staff with maximum facilitation of the tasks at hand.

Specialist Aged Care & Hospital Beds in Australia 

Our bed solutions come equipped with ABS mattress deck panels that can easily be removed and cleaned. Available to be customised upon request, you can find the bed solutions designed to address the specific needs of your medical practice with us at Forme Medical. Each host a set of features designed to help you and your staff ensure a reliable, safe and hygienic experience for yourself, your staff, and your patients or residents. From moisture resistant head and foot panels to grooves that reduce spills and the spread of fluids, our hospital and medical beds comply with the strictest Australian manufacturing standards for your peace of mind and that of your patients.   
Ensure the comfort of your patients and residents with our healthcare bed solutions that will minimise the risk of falls and other incidents. Find the beds that you need for your practice right here at Forme Medical. Among our range of healthcare beds are ultrasound beds and gynaecology beds.  Should you have any questions, please contact us via email at

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