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More patient safety with Electric central locking Medical couches and procedural tables keep evolving

Forme Medical product development team are currently working on an exciting feature to enhance the patient safety and add to some new couches -particularly the ones that are frequently moved between rooms- the Electric central locking EBC. Introducing the all new electric central locking not only going to avoid having that pedal protruding from the bed […]

27 March 2017

Multi Purpose Medical Couch

There has been a demand recently on a medical examination and treatment table, to cover different specialities like Gynecology, Echo Cardiology, General examination and Ultrasound, Urology, Podiatry and Vascular. Particularly for University/teaching Hospitals, and private clinics where same room is used by different specialists and there’s a limited space and resources available. Please contact us on […]

08 March 2017

Bariatric Treatment Electric Couch.

Forme medical is devoted to making treatment couches with care and attention to details, hence the specifications of the all new 3100Garnet will take the lead in the Bariatric positioning platform, offering unique features; like lifting capacity of 350Kgs, electric castors and dimensions that will offer the best patient and user convenience. Whilst we are working on the […]

07 February 2017